20 Common Drugs That Were Originally Invented for a Very Different Purpose

20 Common Drugs That Were Originally Invented for a Very Different Purpose. Medicine is a part of life. Everyone has to take some at a point in their lives, even if they don’t want to. Some people prefer homeopathic medicine and others are practically hypochondriacs that go to the doctor way too much. Usually, the doctor can prescribe the correct drug and clear up any potential problems. Other times, the medicine can be useless or even make things worse.

No matter what your experience with doctors and medicine is, it’s safe to say that the medical community has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Millions of lives have been saved thanks to new advancements. These improvements are done through countless hours of research and testing, which doesn’t always go as planned. This can be good or bad, depending on the results.

Believe it or not, many things are created on accident. The pacemaker, the x-ray machine, and vaseline are just a few examples. We’re here to talk about some common drugs that were invented for a different purpose than they’re currently used for today.  None of this is meant to be medical advice, so you should talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms or are thinking about trying a new medication or stopping anything you're currently taking. Keep reading to learn about some pretty common drugs that are now used for something entirely different than they were invented for.

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