15 Ways to Sneak in Exercise Every Day

Life is busy. You wake up, rush off to work, hurry to pick up the kids, chauffeur them around to all their different practices, recitals, and sleep-overs, try to cram in dinner, and then collapse in bed. On those rare occasions where you can be bored, you relish it. You never have time to sit and just do nothing. Sadly, all this also means that it’s very difficult for you to work in time to exercise, and your tummy is starting to show that! Maybe you really don’t have time, enjoy that extra hour of sleep, or are just too tired to get it in, you need to find a way to at least start getting healthy.

There are other ways to start getting healthy. Because we sit at desks, in cars, and on couches so much of our lives, we need to do more to balance out the harmful effects being sedentary for too long can have on our bodies. That’s where these exercises come in. Some are small (but meaningful) steps you can take to get healthier, while others are actual ways to fit in traditional exercises into your routine. Regardless, these exercises are sure to help you get back to being healthy!

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