15 Sources of Protein Other Than Meat

Chances are you could eat a little healthier. We all could. You might have a weird family member that’s a super-pushy health nut or an obnoxious co-worker, but more than likely, they’re the only people you know eating healthily. And those people probably eat some weird food. If you’ve found yourself thinking about eating healthy, then thinking about that green blended shake they always seem to be drinking, don’t. There are plenty of normal ways to eat healthier.

For example, cut red meat from your diet. It’s extremely bad for you, your heart, and your waist. You’ll need to replace it with something, though. It was probably your biggest source of protein! Protein is crucial to our diet, and while you might think, “Hey, I can just replace all that beef I was eating with chicken,” just remember, that’s a lot of chicken. Everyday. There are easier ways to incorporate protein into your diet that don’t include meat.  They’re delicious, come in everything from drinks to snacks to meals, and are super easy to incorporate into your diet without you becoming that weird family member. And if you happen to try out vegetarianism on your journey to eat healthier, you won’t have to deal with the obnoxious, “Where are you going to get all your protein if you don’t eat bacon and cheeseburgers?” Try these alternative meat sources out as soon as you can.

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