15 Natural Remedies that Science Disproved

Humans have a lot of problems. We get sick. We get hurt. We get blemishes. We have a lot of things we want fixed, and we want them fixed now. Why put up with being bedridden when you could be out frolicking? Why deal with pain when it could be gone right away? Why look unattractive when you could be out flaunting what you’ve got? Suffice it to say, we want our numerous problems to get fixed immediately.

Combine that need for immediate fixes with the centuries of solving problems with solutions based on hearsay and old wives’ tales and you get a lot of solutions that don’t work. Modern science has advanced a lot recently, but there’s still a lot of people who don’t seem to pay attention to it. They use home remedies that have no proof, scientific backing, and gaping holes in their logic to solve their problems.

This is our list of home remedies that have not been scientifically proven. Use them if you want, but know that they may or may not work. Going forward, don’t believe something works if it’s based only on anecdotal evidence. Look for solutions that have plenty of science-backed solutions to your problems. For now, though, enjoy the slideshow.

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