15 Natural Remedies for Acne

These are the 15 best natural remedies for acne. Acne is the most common skincare problem around. It’s uncomfortable for the people with it. Many people with acne are embarrassed by their skin. To make matters worse, acne is extremely stubborn and often appear without warning. It’ll be there bright and early in the morning or appear halfway through your workday. Once it comes, it sure feels like the blemish is there to stay. For some people, frequent outbreaks aren’t the only issue. Chronic acne can lead people to struggle with acne for years without seeing any improvement.

If you struggle with acne, you’ve probably tried every commercial product available. By now, you’re probably looking for something that isn’t loaded up with chemicals and negative side effects. Luckily for you, there are plenty of natural remedies and household items that can be just as effective — if not more effective — at treating and preventing acne. For example, you may be surprised that teas are some of the most effective home remedies for acne. Drinking green and chamomile teas can reduce outbreaks; applying the cooled, used tea bags to problematic areas can reduce redness and inflammation. You probably have two other great remedies hidden away in your fridge: lemons and cucumbers. Cucumbers are great at healing your skin, and lemons kill the bacteria that cause acne while returning your skin to healthy pH levels. We’ve also included some simple diet changes and pills that you can implement into your life to fight and prevent acne breakouts.
If you’ve been struggling with acne, we’ve got some home remedies that will help.

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