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15 Carb-Loaded Foods You Wish You Could Eat


There’s a reason why people eat pasta on big special occasions: It’s delicious. However, if you’re not Italian or an endurance athlete, you have to limit yourself. It’s so packed with carbs your body won’t know what to do with it all. Unless you’ve got a marathon to run tomorrow; then you can eat all the lasagna you want.

White Bread

White bread is delicious. Kids absolutely love it on their PB&Js. Adults love it on our Ham and Cheeses. It just seems to work with everything. But that’s because it’s insanely processed. A single slice has 15g of carbs, so you put two slices together and you’ve got 30g. Two sandwiches? 60g. It adds up quickly. Try to stick to whole grain breads because the carbs in that will burn slower, preventing you from overloading or crashing.


Who doesn’t love grabbing dinner and a drink at a local brewery at 5 p.m. on a Friday? Well, if you’re trying to cut down on carbs, you shouldn’t. You might love beer, but a good one can have up to 20g of carbs—and that adds up quickly if you’re have multiple drinks. But once you have that first one, you might not care anymore. Beer is beer, and at the end of the day, would you rather have less carbs or a good time?


Coffee is good for you. There’s not much denying that. But when people say coffee’s good for you, they mean black coffee. Not, iced, blended, with three pumps of vanilla and extra caramel drizzle. Super-sugary, dessert-like coffees are barely coffee, and they lose most every benefit of black coffee. Plus, they’re so packed with sugar and carbs that you’re doing your body some serious harm.

French Fries

French fries might be the best part of going out to a good burger joint. They’re hot, not super filling, and perfect for snacking on while you wait for everybody else to finish eating. They’re definitely not healthy though. The fryer gets rid of all of the nutrients found in potatoes, and because they're so great for munching it's easy to eat far, far too many.

Tortilla Chips

Going out to eat at your local Mexican Restaurant is totally worth it even if you only get to eat the tortilla chips. They’re nice and hot, but when you throw on a dash of salt and some salsa… there’s no comparison. People will often eat so many before their food gets there that they’re barely even hungry anymore. But tortilla chips are loaded with carbs, and because they’re so munchable, that adds up quickly.


When you think of American food, you think pizza. It’s practically a gift from heaven. And we eat it a lot. In fact, you’ve probably had some in the last week or two (same). Statistically speaking, the average American eats about 46 slices of pizza a year, which is almost a slice every week. That’s a lot of pizza, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of carbs found in that greasy, delicious triangle.


Pancakes are the perfect food for a lazy Saturday morning. They’re easy to make, and it's so easy to just stack a foot high on a plate, slather them in butter, and drench them with warm maple syrup. The only problem is that each pancake has a quite a few carbs in it, and no one ever has just one pancake. They’re just too good.


We all know soda is bad for us. (Except, for some reason, Sprite when we’re sick.) But the nation’s most popular soda, a cola in red can, is not so great for us. There’s a really long list of what all’s wrong with it, but just know that if you get a medium Coke next time you’re out to dinner, you’ll be consuming a lot more carbs than you should be.


Bagels seem like a good choice, right? Grab a coffee and a bagel on your way to work and you’ve got a nice breakfast, right? Not so much. Bagels may be great, but even a plain one is packed with carbs. The fancy ones, like a cinnamon raisin bagel, have even more. 

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are good and healthy, right? They’re full of fruit, and fruit is good for you. What could go wrong? Well, it’s possible to eat too much fruit. We’re not supposed to have more than a few pieces each day because they're so full of sugary carbs. When you stick more than the daily limit of fruit in a smoothie, you’re going to go over your limit right away.

Baked Goods

Baked goods are just too hard to resist. When you walk into that coffee shop on your way to work, nothing could start the day off better than a cup of coffee and that fresh baked pumpkin muffin they just put out. And while you may really want to support your local coffee shop, try not to look at that muffin too much. It will convince you to buy it.

Movie Theater Popcorn

If your local movie theater has a discount day, you probably go too often. And what are movies without popcorn? You can’t walk in without smelling the delicious butteriness, and when they offer you that upsize for just a dollar more, who can resist? Most people can’t, but your body wishes you could. Those carbs add up quick.

White Rice

What other type of rice is there? White rice is what rice is supposed to look like, right? Actually, no. It’s extremely processed, making all of those carbs a good bit harder for your body to digest. A single cup of white rice has a ton of these difficult carbs. While your taste buds may be having a great time, your stomach won’t be.


Who doesn’t love cake??? Honestly, if you’re eating cake, you know it’s bad for you. If you eat it anyway, eat it with confidence. You probably deserve it.