15 Carb-Loaded Foods You Wish You Could Eat

Carbs. Who doesn’t love them? Out of all the foods we try to avoid, like lasagna and milkshakes, carbohydrates are high up there on the list. They’re demonized in a lot of the fad diets we see floating around today, but they can’t be all that bad, right? After all, people have been baking bread for longer than recorded history! And a turkey sandwich is a great, healthy lunch option, right?

Yes and no. On one hand, we need carbs to survive. They’re one of our best sources of energy. That’s why so many athletes eat a ton of carbs. On the other hand, Western diet trends have seriously messed up the amount of carbs we consume. So much of everything we eat has added sugars (to make it taste “better”) that we’re getting a lot more than we need. A lot of foods that were once good for us have been processed in such a way that our body burns the carbs in them in a way that’s terrible for us.

But that doesn’t stop us from eating them, and it definitely doesn’t stop us from craving them. No matter what form they take, carbs are our favorite foods. These are the foods that have the carbs we want the most but really, really shouldn’t eat.

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