10 Tips for New Year's Resolution Success

Another year is coming to an end with many of us gathering up the willpower for a New Year's Resolution. Everyone has made a resolution and broke it at some point in their lifetime. Let's stop the cycle of breaking our resolutions. There are some really easy ways to reaching a goal. Here are 10 tips to help you stick to it.

  1. Let's Be Realistic…
    The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable. Refrain yourself from including "I will never do… again" in your resolution. Do not set the bar too high, resolutions are supposed to be specific, realistic, and measurable.
  2. Always Plan Ahead
    It is not a good idea to make your resolution on New Year's Eve. It should be planned before December 31, otherwise you are just committing to something based on your mindset for that day. If you are unsure of what your resolution is, or you're not even ready to start on New Year's Eve, that is okay! Start on a day that you feel more comfortable with.
  3. Don't Commit To Many Things
    Committing to more than one thing can be overwhelming; you never want to bite off more than you can chew. Pick the one habit or behavior you truly want to change and make that your project.
  4. Is This Something You Desire?
    Put some thought into your resolution. Do not make a resolution that you "should" want, or even what other people tell you. Make sure it suites you, and will make you happy in the end. Resolutions do not have to be big or elaborate. They are promises we make to better ourselves.
  5. Make a plan
    Now that you have a resolution, make a plan to achieve it. Without a plan how will you know where to begin, or how to get there? Creating a plan can give you the guidance you need to stay on track.
  6. Inform Others
    Keeping your resolution a secret will not help you achieve your goal. Talking to your family and/or friends can be very beneficial. The best case scenario is someone could share the same resolution as you and you could motivate each other.
  7. Track progress
    Keep track of every little accomplishment you make toward reaching your goal. Breaking your large goal into smaller goals may make it easier, and you are able to see your progress. An example is if your New Year's resolution is to lose 40 pounds, you could break it into losing 5 pounds a month.
  8. Reward Yourself
    Treat yourself for reaching goals you have set. This doesn't mean that you can eat an entire box of cookies if your resolution is to eat better. Instead, celebrate by treating yourself to something you enjoy and does not contradict your resolution.
  9. Remember, You Are In Charge
    Your New Year's resolution is only under your control. Others can support and advise you, but it is your actions that need to change in order to get you there. Have a strong control over your life with and stick to your plans.
  10. Don't Give Up, Keep Trying!
    Everyone encounters a slip up every now and then. Do not let that discourage you, or the reason to abandon your resolution. Obsessing over your mistake will do you no good. Learn from it, and move on. Many things can be achieved with a positive mindset. Do the best you can do, and take one day at a time.