10 Thoughts Everyone Has When They're Sore

There is nothing worse than trying to go through your routine the day after an intense workout, when your muscles feel like they’ve turned on you. It’s causes deep, conflicting pain that cuts straight to your soul. Surviving muscle soreness is a mental game, and everyone has the same thoughts.

  1. Oh. My. God.  I’m dying. At least the gym is working. Dear lord it hurts!
    That moment you wake up and realize your whole body is in pain and probably hates you is both a sweet victory and absolute hell.
  2. Maybe I can stay in bed and be still all day.
    It’s wishful thinking, but you toy with the idea of calling in sick to work in order to avoid moving. It never happens of course, because there’s the issue of paying your bills. And you’d still have to get up for food and the bathroom.
  3. I am NEVER working out again.
    You take a brief second to consider giving up your fit lifestyle. No matter how much you bench press, you’ll always be weak on the inside. 
  4. That last set was a bad idea. Why did I do that?
    You just had to be an overachiever, didn’t you? If you had stopped earlier, your life wouldn’t be so difficult right now.
  5. Foam rolling will help. I can brave the foam roller.
    Yes, it’ll hurt, but you’re already in pain so you think a little bit more will be worth it in the long run. No harm in trying, right?
    So that didn’t magically fix your muscle problems, and now you want to cry. Go on and cry.
  7. Maybe some stretching will help?
    Surely it won’t be as miserable as foam rolling is. You know it’s not going to be pretty, but maybe this time will be better. Pretend you’re not lying to yourself. 
  8. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain.
    You chant this repeatedly in the hopes of convincing yourself you can survive.
  9. Tomorrow is going to be even worse.
    This realization hits you harder than anything. Now you have suffer through the rest of this day, only to face the next mountain: day two.
  10. I am such a badass.
    Yeah you are. You work out like a boss, and you have the weird, sore-muscle walk to prove it. Olympians have nothing on you!