10 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs

10 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs. We all want to be healthy, and that can take a little work. Generally, when something is wrong, most of us head to the doctor to have him prescribe something that fixes the issue. While that can help, putting chemicals into your body may do more harm than good, so what’s the alternative? Home remedies.

Home remedies are perfect for treating simple ailments that don’t need immediate care, like getting ear wax out of your ear or soothing a stinging burn. Many of these home remedies are passed down from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and even further back! They clearly know what they were talking about because it wasn’t like today—they may not have been able to run to the doctor when they had a little stomach ache.

Some home remedies are perfect and cure the ailment with little to no issues to follow. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about every home remedy out there. Some home remedies that have been passed down are actually bad for your health. Has anyone ever suggested whiskey for a teething baby or butter for a burn? Yeah, those two things can make the issue worse, especially butter on a burn!

Out of all the home remedies out there, these are 10 that you really should avoid at all costs. At the end of the day, these things will only make your issue worse. Heck, some of these may cause even worse things to happen!  

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