Understanding Paternal Time Changes With a Newborn

A newborn changes so many things for new mothers and fathers. As an expectant dad, you’re in for one of the biggest shifts of your life. For a lot of men, it can seem like their partner naturally picks up motherhood, while they struggle to wrap their head around fatherhood. Being a little frightened is natural, but your new family is going to be amazing. Here’s a look at some of the biggest ways your life, in regards to time spent, will change.

Time With the Boys

A baby may seem like the end of your social life -- no more weekends golfing, no more poker nights. However, this doesn’t have to be true. You may not spend as much time outside of the house, but it’s actually important for both you and your partner to maintain a life outside of diapers and bottles. 
In the first months, your partner and baby are going to need you a lot, but, eventually, your family will get into a routine, and you can both resume some of your “extracurricular activities.” Time away from your partner and child is healthy, just don’t let it become excessive. That being said, you may find you don’t want to be away from home as often. Many men notice a distinctive shift in their priorities when they assume the role of fatherhood. Watching your baby grow and learn new things can quickly become your favorite way to spend a Saturday night. 

Time with Your Partner

Parenthood often means spontaneity is a thing of the past. Date nights and alone time with your partner require a babysitter, and that means planning ahead. While minorly inconvenient, the planning thing is well worth it. It’s easy to get sucked into being a family instead of a couple, but it’s important to keep the romance alive. If your partner is having trouble leaving your baby with anyone else, have an honest talk with her. Remind her that you need her too. 
Conversely, family outings can be a great way to spend time together and get out of the house. Although baby’s lives revolve around feeding schedules, they love seeing new people and places. Everything is a completely new experience for your child, and the more (s)he get out, the stronger their immune system will be. 

Time Alone

In order to keep both peace in your household and your sanity, take advantage of the times when your partner is out and about with the baby to make your house your own again. Walk around naked, and forgo the coasters. A lot of new parents have a hard time maintaining solo activities they enjoy, but having time to yourself can be just as important as time with your baby, your partner, or your buddies. Trade off with your partner to provide some quiet time.
Last Updated: November 03, 2017