most popular baby names 2017

The Most Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

When you’re picking a name for your baby, looking at some of the most popular picks can help you decide. Some names may fluctuate in popularity, staying wildly popular for five years and then dropping back down to relative obscurity, while others tend to remain fairly popular (if not in the top ten) over the course of decades. Here’s a look at Mom365’s most common names from 2017 with their meanings and origin according to BabyCenter. 

Top 10 Baby Girl Names

  • Emma: Germanic, meaning universal or whole
  • Olivia: Greek, feminine form of ‘Oliver’, meaning olive tree
  • Ava: From the Latin word for “bird,” or a variation on the name ‘Eve.’ 
  • Isabella: Hebrew variation of Elizabeth, meaning “devoted to God
  • Sophia: Greek, meaning wisdom
  • Mia: Latin, variation of Maria, meaning desired child or “mine.” 
  • Amelia: Medieval blending of the Latin ‘Emelia’ and ‘Amalia’, meaning industrious or striving. 
  • Charlotte: French, feminine form of Charles, meaning feminine and petite
  • Abigail: Hebrew, meaning father’s joy
  • Emily: Latin, another variation of Emelia

Top 10 Baby Boy Names

  • Liam: Irish, variation of Uilliam, meaning protector, warrior, or strong willed
  • Noah: Hebrew, meaning rest and comfort
  • Elijah: Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God”
  • Logan: Scottish, meaning “small hollow”
  • Mason: French-Germanic, traditionally used as a last name for stoneworkers
  • James: Hebrew, variation of Jacob, meaning one who follows or supplanter
  • Aiden: Irish, from the Celtic sun god, meaning fiery
  • Ethan:  Hebrew, meaning strong, safe, firm
  • Lucas: Latin, variation of Lucius, bringer of light or illuminator
  • Jacob: Hebrew, meaning supplanter 
Last Updated: June 24, 2024