gifts for baby shower

The Beginner's Guide to Baby Showers

Baby showers can be a little uncomfortable for mom. Having a slew of guests shower both you and your baby with gifts can feel overwhelming, especially when you have to open them in front of a crowd. Although good manners and common practice call for a follow up thank you card, guest gifts can be a great way to show your appreciation at the time of your shower -- and take some of the pressure off of you afterwards. There’s no need to break the bank; even something small can go a long way with a little thought behind it. Here are a few baby shower guest gifts and party favor ideas for your big event. 

Alternatives to Games

Having gifts for guests who win baby shower games is a fun and easy way to thank your friends and family. The drawbacks of baby shower games are the time, money, and planning behind them -- and some people don’t like them. Rather than just handing out presents, have a raffle or door prizes. This allows the host to give one or two bigger gifts, while keeping most of them small and inexpensive. Things like wine glasses, decorated mason jars filled with candy, or baked goods can be cheap and themed, even in bulk. 

Unique Gifts

Typical baby shower gifts for guests might include body lotions, candles, and other stereotypically girly presents. But overuse can make these gifts less special. Instead, opt for something to brighten guests up and make them say, “Ooooh!” Use your imagination and come up with unique baby shower gifts based on the theme or colors of your shower or the time of year. 


You can purchase young plants or flowers in bulk, and pots are generally reasonably priced. If you start early, herbs like mint can be propagated easily, turning one plant into six just by snipping a stem and replanting it. Care packages of hot apple cider or chocolate and cinnamon sticks are more appropriate during the fall season and gourmet hot chocolate packages in the wintertime.

Variety Basket

If you don’t feel like organizing games or raffles, but want to provide your guests with a party favor, grab a big basket and fill it up with gifts. Guests can grab one on the way out. It can be hard to please everyone, so this is a great way to offer a variety of different gifts without having to pick specifically for each individual. 


You can easily purchase shower gifts anywhere, even your local dollar store. Gather together things like paint sets, notebook diaries, fuzzy socks, manicure kits, candy bars, lip gloss, coffee mugs, etc. Wrapped or unwrapped, dump everything in a basket, and let your guests do their own picking -- make sure to buy more presents than you expect guests so no one is left out. 

Standard Party Favors

Another great way to slip your guests a little gift without spending a fortune is to make party favors. Party favors can be as simple as fleece scarves or as extravagant as DIY cake-in-a-mug sets. Alternatively, have your guests make their own party favors. Set up a candle making station, a cookie decorating bar, or other fun activity that gives your guests something to keep them busy and something to bring home. 

Last Updated: January 09, 2018