Keeping the Romance Alive

Keeping Romance Alive

With the excitement of a new baby on the way, it's easy to let romance slide. Between reading all those pregnancy books stacked on the night stand, choosing a nursery theme and making baby name lists, the focus of parents-to-be often shifts from maintaining intimacy to feathering the nest.

Look, Listen, Touch

Nothing hurts relationships and romance faster than poor communication. Preparing for a new baby adds a great deal of stress to even the best of relationships. Rest assured your partner experiences the same concerns about impending fatherhood as you do motherhood. Watch for signs of stress and take time to really listen to your partner about his or her fears and concerns.

Want to couple stress relief with romance? Take turns giving one another a massage. Set the scene with votives and soft music. Warm a little baby oil (or other oil of your choice) between your palms and gently work your partner's tight muscles. Ask your partner to concentrate his massage on your lower back or feet if they're giving you trouble.

Enjoy the Night Life

In just a few months, the term "night life" will take on a much different meaning. Take advantage of date nights while you can. Wishing you were a contestant on Dancing with the Stars? Grab your partner and head out for a night of salsa or meringue. Heard about a great new restaurant downtown? Book a table and slip into something sexy.

Looking for something a bit more casual? Rent a couple of DVDs and order takeout. An evening snuggled together on the couch is the perfect end to a hectic work week.

Bringin' Sexy Back

As you enter the second trimester, morning sickness and fatigue wane. Fears of a first trimester miscarriage slowly subside. Changes in blood flow to your sex organs make them more sensitive. For some mothers-to-be, this sensitivity leads to increased libido. Your partner may still harbor some fear about hurting you or the baby. Reassure him sex is perfectly safe for most pregnant couples. Your obstetrician will tell you if pelvic rest and abstinence are necessary.

Keep in mind the old tried-and-true positions of your pre-pregnancy days may no longer work or feel uncomfortable. This is definitely a time for experimentation. As your body changes, try new positions and use props like pillows to take a little of the weight off your back and hips.

Outside the Bedroom

Remember intimacy doesn't always mean sex. There are dozens of ways to ramp up the romance in your relationship without resorting to sexy lingerie and mood lighting. The simplest and sweetest acts often create the best memories. Leave a cute card in your partner's lunch box, gym bag or briefcase. Make a special breakfast and serve it in bed. Hold hands and take a walk around the neighborhood. Share the experience of decorating the nursery.

All You Need Is Love

Fight the urge to let romance slip down your list of priorities as you progress through your pregnancy. You and you partner will benefit from the knowledge your mutual love serves as the foundation to your relationship. Most importantly, your baby will benefit from the loving atmosphere of your home. Keeping the romance alive in your relationship may take a little effort, but it's definitely worth it!

Last Updated: August 05, 2014