Triglycerides Symptoms

Triglycerides are a main substance of fat found in your blood cells, which is vital in staying up on and keeping up on your good health and heart condition. The reason keeping your High Triglycerides low is usually because it is the primary source to give your body the energy it needs to function properly; however, triglycerides symptoms could be a symptoms and/or sign of your metabolic blood sugar syndrome, which would probably increase your chances of getting diabetes, having a bit of a stroke, and even getting some sort of heart disease.

Having a combination of all these medical diseases such as high triglycerides, low blood pressure; low blood sugar, triglycerides, low LDL ("bad") high cholesterol and too much fat on and around your whole body. In order to calculate your high triglycerides, a routine blood exam must be drawn. To obtain an look on your triglycerides levels, the main level will be more than 890. High triglycerides level is around 340, and very high would be above 600.

Cause of High Triglycerides

The numerous causes of having high triglycerides are most of the time regulated to various diseases relating to weight and age; an overactive thyroid, alcoholism, gorging too much food that is super high in fat, and obesity are just some various examples that can be a main contributor to having cholesterol problems with triglycerides. Some triglycerides medicines can also play a huge role to increasing the triglycerides to a very level of unhealthiness.

High Triglycerides Symptoms

High triglycerides symptoms are usually non existent, but sometimes there may be high fat deposits under the skin, which is a good sign that there are high triglycerides symptoms, which could lead to some serious problems down the road; however, there are some select occasions where people that have high triglyceride levels go through a bad case of inflammation. What this does is result in a severe fever, vomiting and nausea, bad abdominal pains, and usually the loss of your appetite. Also, a patient might start developing disorders in the liver area and the spleen area as well as having solid visible fat areas of deposit on the skin area, which will eventually lead to the risk of having a major heart attack or severe stroke.

How To Lower Triglyceride Levels With Triglyceride Treatment

A healthy and hearty diet as well as a healthy lifestyle can definitely change and will probably increase your chances of lowering your high triglyceride levels. This probably means you shouldn't drink as much, be more active while playing sports and so on, don't smoke marijuana or cigarette's, and definitely limit your cholesterol by not eating greasy foods as this will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, not sitting around all day couldn't hurt either. While lowering your high cholesterol, you will in turn lower your triglyceride levels with proper triglyceride treatment. Triglyceride supplements can sometimes help improve your levels of triglycerides, which will in turn turn your life around and make you feel better about yourself.