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Must-Have Snoring Products for Better Sleep

Your snoring is almost certainly getting in the way of your partner’s sleep, and if you snore really loudly, you may be waking yourself up too. Easy remedies like sleeping on your side or losing weight may be effective for some folks. But you might find that anomalies in your throat and oral anatomy aren’t giving up so easily. Here are a few snoring products that can help you (and the person next to you) get back to a good night’s sleep.

Oral Appliances

When muscles start relaxing, gravity takes hold. The tongue is particularly affected by this force of nature—especially if you sleep on your back. The tongue and other tissues fall toward the back of the throat, narrowing airways. The vibrations that create snoring are produced by the force of the same amount of air traveling at the same speed through less space. The aveoTSD anti-snoring device is a noninvasive prescription apparatus used to keep the airway open. The silicone device actually suctions to the tongue and holds it forward, away from airways. Some sleep apnea patients even find the aveoTSD effective when used in tandem with traditional sleep apnea treatments. 

Other oral appliances that keep the tongue, jaw, and/or soft palate moved forward and out of the way are available; often these devices require a fitting, much like a retainer might. The VitalSleep, Zyppah, and SnoreRX are among the most highly rated mandibular advancement devices; the Zyppah includes a tongue suppressor as well. Be sure you understand which part of your anatomy is the problem before selecting an oral device. 

Nasal Strips and External Nasal Dilators

Nasal strips (like Breathe Right) are small, adhesive strips that are placed across the bridge of the nose. The goal is for the strips to make breathing easier by creating more space in the nasal area to make more room for air. Nasal dilators are also adhesive strips, but they are less supple and go across the nostrils. This is supposed to lower the amount of resistance to the air that flows when you breathe, making inhalation easier. This will not help if your snoring is caused by sleep apnea. 

Non-Snoring Apparati 

Some items that are great for snoring aren’t intended strictly for snoring. Many people snore because of sinus issues and chronic nasal congestion. A humidifier can be a great help by keeping the sinuses and airways moist, which prevents the nose from getting irritated and inflamed. A saline spray can provide a similar service. Antihistamines and other sinus medications may be a good option for allergy and congestion related snoring as well by reducing obstructions and irritation.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is especially great for snorers with sleep apnea. The device is a mask attached to an air pump. You sleep with the mask over your mouth and nose, and the pump continually administers pressurized air to ensure airways stay open. 

Last Updated: August 31, 2016