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Kidney Stone Remedies: Do Natural Cures Work?

When it comes to kidney stones you can have an uncomfortable, painful experience. Passing these painful stones can take days. Sometimes, depending on the severity of your symptoms, an emergency room visit is needed, but in most cases you can pass the stone at home. If you’re someone who opts for staying at home instead of checking into the hospital, here’s a remedies you can try to help relieve your symptoms.

Kidney Stone Home Remedies

Natural cures work for some people better than others. It’s hard to say for sure whether or not a remedy will work for you. Evaluating their effectiveness seems to be based on opinion and personal experience, but it’s worth a try—unless told otherwise by your doctor—because home remedies have worked for many.  
Here is a look at the most popular home remedy that has proven to be the most effective natural treatment for kidney stones. 

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

This combination is widely used for gallbladder stones, but is believed to work for kidney stones as well. The citric acid in lemon breaks down kidney stones that are calcium-based and can prevent further growth of the stone.
Here’s what you do:
Combine four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with an equal amount of olive oil. Drink the mixture with lots of water. Repeat two or three times a day for up to three days.
This remedy works best for small stones. If your stone is large, talk with your doctor.

Is a home remedy right for you?

If you lack the financial resources for medical treatment, or you just prefer natural treatments, then a home remedy may be right for you. If you do decide to try treating your kidney stone with natural ingredients, remember to keep track of your symptoms and be aware of the symptoms that require emergency medical attention. 

Last Updated: June 15, 2016