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Is Snoring Medicine an Option?

Snoring “medicine” is virtually nonexistent (or virtually ineffective, if it is existent). There are, however, medicines that may help with issues that cause snoring or products intended to manage snoring. The treatment you need for snoring will be contingent upon the underlying cause of your snoring. In the case of snoring brought on by chronic congestion, antihistamines, saline sprays, and other products intended to reduce irritation and mucus in the nose could be considered “snoring medicines” when used to reduce the symptoms that initiate snoring. 

Products made specifically for snoring that might be considered “snoring medicine” include nasal strips, external nasal dilators, mandibular advancement devices, and tongue stabilizing devices. Nasal strips are adhesive pieces that go across the bridge of the nose, increase nasal passage area, and improve breathing. External nasal dilators come in different varieties, but essentially go over the nostrils to decrease the resistance of flowing air, also improving breathing. 

However, mandibular advancement and tongue stabilizing devices are generally more effective means of controlling snoring. Many of these require a prescription from a doctor or dentist. Mandibular advancement devices move the jaw forward to help keep airways unobstructed. Some of these also come with a tongue stabilizer attached; tongue stabilizers keep the tongue from sliding backwards into the throat so airways aren’t narrowed by the pressure of the tongue. 

Last Updated: August 31, 2016

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