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Erectile Dysfunction Information

Erectile Dysfunction also known as impotence, is a problem that can be treated with medication assistance. However, it is not a disorder that is completely understood. The most important thing to understand is that male sexual arousal is not something that is completely understood in itself, so it is a completely normal thing to experience. Erectile dysfunction information is available at many doctors offices and online so you can think it over completely to figure out what questions to ask your doctor before you present the problem to them.

ED 101

Understanding ED yourself may actually help you when you present your concerns to your doctor. It also helps you understand your treatment options when your doctor begins explaining them. Remember, it is your body and you have options, just as you do with any other health problem.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence can have a serious effect on your personal life and the way you look at yourself as a whole. However, there may be some underlying cause that you may not even associate with this issue. Not only can certain medications cause an issue, so can other disease processes in the body such as COPD, clogged arteries, diabetes, and heart disease. These are just a few according to the Mayo Clinic.

Other problems that can cause impotence are psychological problems like depression, fatigue, and even poor communication with your partner. However, developing an issue such as erectile dysfunction do not help a psychological stressor that causes ED, it can actually make it worse.

Where Can I Learn More?

Getting information on erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is very important. Your doctor will help determine the underlying problem so that proper intervention can be taken. This intervention may be medication, or it could simply be to unwind or find someone to talk to. Many men have had successful treatment by couple's therapy and a better understanding of their partner's needs and added communication in the relationship.

Getting erectile dysfunction information and understanding the cause of your own ED can help along the road to recovery. Not all men with ED have it on a permanent basis. Sometimes, it is just temporary or intermittent. In order to determine how your ED is going to affect you, consult with your physician and make sure to ask questions and address your concerns.

What Is Impotence, Again?

Because of the negative feeling of this word, most countries have discontinued its use. The most commonly used word now is erectile dysfunction. Some countries do still use this term when considering this disorder, however, it is now thought in most places as politically incorrect and most everything you find will be erectile dysfunction information instead.

Erectile Dysfunction information can be found on numerous websites on the internet. However, it is important to only use a trusted site and never self diagnose. What could appear to be one problem, could just be an underlying symptom of a more serious problem.

How Is ED Diagnosed?

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction is not an easy process. Especially since many people read to much into erectile dysfunction information. The first thing that a physician will do is a complete physical examination. They may also request blood work and possibly a prostate examination. This is because many problems with erection begin with a problem in the prostate. Eliminating this possibility is one of the first things doctors prefer to do, this removes one underlying cause that can be treated easily.

Information that is found on the internet and in brochures is not a replacement for information from your doctor. It is important that a physician confirm any diagnosis to ensure that there is no underlying problem.


Last Updated: October 26, 2016