A hypoxia doctor

Can Hypoxia Be Prevented?

Hypoxia is a medical condition in which the concentration of oxygen in your blood is not enough for normal function, sometimes resulting in a life-threatening situation.  


Hypoxia can, sometimes, be difficult to prevent because it has many causes. However, if you know you have a condition that can cause hypoxia, such as asthma, you can take measures to lower your risk. For example, keep your asthma under control by following your asthma treatment plan. Remember to take your medicine to prevent flares and the need to use your inhaler.
Stick to a nutritious diet and stay active and identify your triggers, and do your best to avoid them. Have a plan, your doctor can advise you, on what you will do when you have difficulty breathing.
For others, you can can prevent hypoxia by avoiding situations that decrease the oxygen concentration in the environment. You can also be provided oxygen via nasal cannula or oxygen masks prior to when hypoxia occurs. This is specifically an option for those who are at risk for hypoxia and have experienced early symptoms.

Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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