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5 Stock Photos That Shouldn't Represent Bipolar Disorder

"Deranged man gripping an invisible object"

A better caption for this image would be "The expression I have when I encounter ridiculous stereotypes about mental health." I'm not exactly sure what the photographer was intending for this photo, but I can't help but be disappointed by the fact that this image was categorized as "bipolar," "insane," "lunatic," and "disturbed."

"Man With Bible Comitting Suicide"

I'll overlook the typo that someone missed in this stock photo's title and just jump straight to "this is insensitive." Reducing a complicated health condition to the darkest possible outcome that can occur without proper treatment--and combining it with the Bible and a paper bag for some reason--is tasteless.

"Girl in old jeans opposite to a mirror"

Alright, the fact that this photo was categorized as "bipolar" is admittedly more confusing than offensive.

"A delirious tradesman holding up a spade"

I have so many questions about this stock image. Do construction workers prefer the term "tradesmen"? Is this guy laughing or shouting? At what point does a spade become a full-blown shovel? Did the person who categorized this image as "bipolar" know anything about the actual condition?

"Nightmare, concept of mental disorder, schizophrenia and depression"

Photographer: "Here, put these metal bands and tinfoil on your face." 
Stock Photo Model: "Oh, we're doing another one of those 'concept' photoshoots in which a health condition is portrayed as something completely bizarre, frightening, and unrealistic?
Photographer: "Uh...yes. Looks like this one deals with schizophrenia and depression, but they'll probably tag it as bipolar too."