30 Ways to Be Active with Arthritis

Living life with arthritis requires major lifestyle changes. Whether you were diagnosed a week ago or a decade ago, you’ll have to modify your habits and continue to change them as your symptoms grow and develop. You have to be aware of your body and habits now more than you ever had to before you were diagnosed with arthritis because everything you do affects your overall health. Your diet has to change. The amount you get out and about will be different. You may need new ways to accomplish tasks that you’d never even thought of as difficult before, like getting in a car or buttoning your shirt.

Everything changes. One important thing to change is your fitness level. You need to make sure that the muscles around your joints stay strong and healthy so that your joints are free from as much pain as possible. This is made especially difficult because that joint pain makes a lot of exercises impossible to do, greatly limiting your options. So, exercising, one of the most important things that anybody can do, especially someone with arthritis, becomes almost impossible. You have to figure what works for you and what doesn’t. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together a list. These are the best exercises for arthritis.

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