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30 People on What It's Like Having Coronavirus

31 Years Old, Mild Asthma

It started with a sore throat, and then it was a minor cough. Then, it turned into fits of coughing, and I felt so hot. I woke up in the middle of the night and my duvet was just soaked through with sweat. Then it was freezing. My pulse feels so hard and fast but laying down helps with that. I called my doctor and was given [medication].

I can’t really fill my lungs all the way because I start coughing again, but the meds are really helping. The fever is still there, but I can get through a lot of the day easier. [My asthma is] generally mild, only aggravated by environmental factors and secondhand smoke. It’s well controlled with medication, but the virus has led to a slight increase in symptoms.


20 Year Olds, No Underlying Conditions

No medicine. Just a note ordering to self-quarantine at home. So here we are. Day 2 officially of 14, but they recommended to go to 20 just to be safe. What I felt:

  • Tingling in chest
  • Mild cough
  • On & off fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Small muscle aches

My girlfriend’s symptoms were about double the severity, but still nothing worth hospitalization or medication. We are both feeling much better from just staying hydrated and eating a lot. Our only concern is preventing the spreading of it! Overall, maybe 6-7 days worth of mild symptoms with the worse being on the 4th-5th day.

WEIRD DREAMS. 100%. Every single night. Very lucid, very strange. Both good and bad. Just remembered we both have been talking about our dreams.


38 Years Old, Ex-Smoker

3.21: I started to get aches I wasn’t used to. Joints mostly. Things started to ache in weird ways

3.22: Same.

3.23: dry cough started and continued for about 72 hours. Fever tremors began. Couldn't get warm under any amount of clothing, blankets or hot showers.

3.24: Around 11 AM my fever started to show. Fever was a mess though. 100, 101, 102, 100, 101, just bouncing between those numbers. Would fall asleep for 2 hours, only to be woken up to rush to the bathroom with diarrhea. This process of 2 hours of sleep, fever check and then destroying my bathroom lasted for about 72 hours.

3.25: Same as Tues but about half as much. My sense of smell and taste have entirely disappeared - they are just gone. I mean GONE. I can't taste or smell ANYTHING at all.

3.26: Was like, “eh, this sucks but, ok.” I'm feeling like I'm climbing out of this hole. I wish I could stop coughing.

3.27: Slight coughing without a fever. But then chest tightness started to occur. Nothing debilitating.

3.28: A new kind of cough has started, something that feels like a chest punch, my breath is labored, I can’t make it up the stairs without my breath getting short.

3.29: The shortness of breath is still happening, but I do not feel like I am near death's door, I feel decent every other way besides the lungs now. The coughing sucks.

3.30: I'm a little out of breath here and there. I'm coughing into my bandana here and there.

3.31: Today is my birthday and I feel like I'm done with the whole COVID-19. No fever, no cough, no breathlessness. Hilarious to have this all clear up today!

4.1: Today! I feel pretty good! I've coughed twice since I woke up. No fever for days. I'm hungry. I've been hungry a few days and my sense of taste is almost back.


31 Years Old, Sudden Onset

Wednesday night, I was reading in bed and I suddenly had goosebumps and chills. I went to sleep and was fine. Thursday, I finished breakfast and went to get dressed. Just like flicking a switch, I suddenly started wheezing and then coughing. The wheezing was like when you’ve been playing sport/running on a cold day, and you stop and catch your breath. The coughing was mild and followed immediately after the wheezing. I had aches all over my body and in the back of my neck; my nose was running a bit and I had a slight temperature. Exactly 24 hours after my first symptoms I had a compulsion to cough which was worse than at the beginning.

Friday was mostly aches in the back of my neck and a bit of a headache. No coughing. Runny nose. Higher temperature. Saturday, body aches, slight earache, and a slightly higher temperature. I can feel my lymphatic system working overtime but nothing major. Sunday, same as above but not as bad. No earache or headache. Monday, (today) Periodic body aches. Very slight wheezing. The virus is very much in the chest area and not the throat.


26 Years Old, Asthma

03/24: Cough developed. Sweated a lot, but I'm typically sweaty. Temperature of 99.5

03/25: Cough with severe headache and body aches started around 2ish. No temp in the morning but at night it was around 102. Sense of smell started to diminish.

03/26: Cough, sore throat, headache, body aches especially the middle of my upper back, fever of 100-101, slept horribly because I was in so much pain and felt horrible. Lost sense of taste and smell completely.

03/27: Same symptoms as the day before, temp steady at around 100 except on Tylenol for pain. First case reported at work. Also started having diarrhea for the next couple days.

I don’t really remember the next few days much, but my fever went away, the cough progressed more, I slept like 16 hours a day and my whole immediate family sadly got sick as well.

Regardless of the asthma, though, I should do just fine. I'm currently needing my inhaler more and produce a thick green mucus when I cough.


35 Years Old, Loss of Smell and Taste

Had a weird tickle in my throat last Thursday. It went away by later that day. Felt some light nausea here and there, faint. Had a weird feeling like "inhaled water from a pond while swimming," that weird sharp distinct pain in my nose. It wasn't extreme and faded quickly. The 29th to 30th – profound loss of taste. I can't taste anything whatsoever. Still light cough. No taste, some exhaustion here and there for the next day or two. I've had some light stomach issues too, but nothing severe.

4/4 – Cough got a little worse. Dry cough. Now needing to use cough drops and I have a slight wheeze. Slightly sore throat. Sore all over but not terribly so. Still no fever. Worried it's about to come. No severe symptoms – some sudden fatigue but nothing else. If it weren't for the loss of taste, I'd say it was just allergies.


24 Years Old, Nurse

I woke up at about 2 AM completely drenched in sweat, disorientated, with a racing heart and a pounding headache. Checked my temperature and it was 39.7 degrees C (about 103.5 F). I managed to crawl out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen to get some acetaminophen. Couldn’t face climbing back up the stairs, so I collapsed on the couch and slept there for the rest of the night.

Stayed on the couch most of the following day, mostly drifting in and out of sleep and occasionally crawling out to the bathroom in the hallway. My condition has been fluctuating between this (too wiped out to do anything, pretty much as bad as it’s been for me so far) and “relatively ok” (able to do light chores, cook food, etc. with minor difficulty) on and off ever since.


33 Years Old, Nine Days In

Initial symptoms were body aches, a dry cough, chills and sweats, diarrhea, shortness of breath, and increased usage of my childhood asthma puffer. Other symptoms presented were headaches and a sore throat.

What did stand out was the body aches increasing to start to feel more like aching bones, more frequent coughing, a tight chest, and sometimes a sore throat. What I can tell you is that I am not dying. I am still relatively healthy and just going through a virus…it comes in waves, the symptoms I mean.  


35 and 40 Years Old, No Underlying Health Issues

My friend has been sick for 2 weeks now, told me she and her husband were having difficulty breathing on Wednesday. On Friday, they were admitted to the ER, CT scan showed she had pneumonia, the same for her husband. She was on oxygen and antibiotics, she’s pulling through. Her husband didn’t make it, he passed today- both test results confirmed positive for Covid-19.


Unknown Age, Mild Symptoms

I was feeling sick around the 24th of march and tested positive on the 26th. I quickly recovered the next few days. By the 28th, my fever subsided my cough was gone and the only symptom that was lingering is my sense of smell and taste.

It’s been about 2 weeks, and I haven’t felt any symptoms, but my sense of smell and taste is about 50%. I feel pretty healthy and confident I am okay. So, it’s been about 10 days and I go back to work after 14 days of symptom-free.


15 Years Old, Spread Through Family

Day 1 that I actually felt sick, I woke up and was EXTREMELY tired. This was followed by a very odd, metallic taste in my mouth which I've never really experienced before. Food tasted horrible and that taste in my mouth was all I could smell. Aches in my body all over, random chills even though to this day, and I never came down with a fever. Three or four days go on, and I have a persistent and painful dry cough. Taking deep breaths is hard, as I feel I can't get as much air as I usually can.

I get random headaches, and I can't look at a phone screen for too long. I’m about a week in today, and I have a killer sore throat, dry cough, minor shortness of breath, fatigue, and that gross taste in my mouth. Overall, it’s been a pretty rough week and I can guarantee you that you don't want to catch this. I am 15 and one of the least vulnerable to a severe illness but even a "mild case" will kick you’re a*s.


32 Years Old, Asthma, COPD, and Hypertension

So, I started feeling off Monday at noon. By Monday evening I had a fever of 101 and a horrid scratchy cough. Tuesday morning, I woke up with my body sore and my chest hurting and could not stop coughing. By Wednesday, I’d lost my voice and continued to cough and hurt all over. I learned that I had been exposed to someone with COVID. It hurts to breathe. I feel like I cannot take a full breath, and I just want this to stop.

03/20/20 Still feel horrid, but actually got up and walked around. That was a mistake, as I started gasping for air after walking up the stairs to the kitchen. From what I’ve read from others’ experiences, the 4th and 5th days are the worst.


03/21/20 My fever broke! Yesterday, my cough was so bad, and breathing was so difficult that I called in to express care telehealth. The PA prescribed [medications]. It’s worked wonders, and it has been great to not feel like I’m having cramps or I’m gonna throw up with all of the coughing. My lungs hurt; feels like I had razor blades in there. My body is still super sore. But I feel like I’m no longer inactive fighting off the virus, and now my body is in recovery.

03/23/20 Nope. Nope nope nope. Fever’s back. Cough is back. Cough is worse now. Body hurts. Chest hurts. I’m really winded too.


33 Years Old, Fit Lifestyle

Six days back, I was down the whole day with fatigue and diarrhea. By evening, I had started having high temperature with sweats (no cough or sore throat yet). That night, I woke up with chills and suddenly felt like my throat was blocked.

My wife rushed me to the hospital in the morning. Thankfully, the doctor advised for a test and I got positive results next day evening. I am in the hospital now, but my condition is getting better. I still have a sore throat and bouts of nausea. I didn’t lose sense of smell or taste.


23 Years Old, Assumptive Case

I’ve been having stomach problems for almost a week now. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. I also have what feels like mucus or congestion in my chest and a feeling of needing to clear my throat, but nothing comes out. Slight chest pressure. No fever, the highest it went was 99.2, but I’ve been monitoring. Symptoms worse in the morning and at night with a bad headache every night. I had a video chat appointment this morning with a medical professional. She was very nice and calm and told me my symptoms were consistent with the virus and to just isolate at home.

She sent me a prescription so I can eat and drink so I can have nutrients to fight it off. I don’t mind these symptoms as they are pretty mild and definitely manageable, but I’m very afraid of them getting worse. I don’t want things to get progressively worse, as I have a lot of anxiety surrounding breathing and not being able to breathe. I also have a slight cough. Not persistent.


Unknown Age, Day to Day

Day 1: complete loss of appetite.

Day 2: Feel mostly ok, except still not hungry. Sleeplessness sets in, too. Mostly inability to fall asleep for longer duration.

Day 3: very mild fever. Actually, not even detectable except for sweats. Don’t notice it. Loss of appetite is starting to worry me…Food still tastes (no loss of taste). Sense of smell still intact. Mostly sleepless night.

Day 4: Feel feverish. Temperature at 99.9. A bit later, I am at 100.4 Fahrenheit. Trouble sleeping all night. Very difficult breathing.

Day 5: feeling better in the morning. I was self-isolating in a room, but breathing difficulties knocked my socks off. No appetite still. Force myself to eat. Sleep. Crazy a*s dreams at night. Fever is gone, and I feel awesome. Sleep peacefully for a few hours first time in 5 days.

Day 6: feeling great. Day was alright. No appetite. No fever. Sh*t hits the fan in the evening. Terribly short of breath. Can’t breathe. Use oxygen to stay afloat. Difficult being awake, but not regular sleep. Feel fever increasing too. I need oxygen even while awake. Seem to be losing my voice. Feel very heavy in chest. Not too much coughing but some dry cough. Crazy dreams. Don’t remember much but feel like my head exploded and I died.

Day 7: much better as soon as I wake up. Labored breathing still. But getting better. By 5 pm I am recovered completely all of a sudden, except for some intermittent coughing. Feel hungry after a week at dinner time (realize haven’t eaten in 24 hours). Feel very sleepy. Fall asleep and have a very sound sleep. A bit increased heart rate for a few minutes at night, but perfectly bearable.

Day 8: feeling great today too. Thankfully no relapse. Need breakfast because am hungry. No labored breathing. Feeling completely better.


30 Years Old, Four Days In

I am now on day 4, symptoms started Friday. I had a mild fever day 1: (99.8) dry coughing started throughout the day. Day 2: I got a fever, coughed more, and I got muscle aches all over my body. Woke up with a hell of a headache. The night between 2 and 3 was rough. Woke up a lot and had a lot of pain in my neck. Also got the cough I get when I get bronchitis.

Day 3 was the worst day yet. Woke up with muscle ache in my entire body and a headache. Coughing pretty much gone, but I was getting woozy and some shortness of breath when increasing activity. Also got a higher fever, 101.8 (Husband had 102.7 at one point). Also got a stuffy nose. Don’t feel like eating.


Day 4 (Today) I am feeling a bit better. Temp is down to 100.4, body doesn’t ache as much. Still have the shortness of breath and dizziness when doing too much at once. Still have a stuffy nose and still don’t have an appetite. Husband is now experiencing loss of smell and taste, which I noticed more people were having.


26 Years Old, Very Mild Symptoms

One day I noticed I was short of breath. Next day I got tested. Positive results came back in 48 hrs. In that time, I had a slight cough, slight fever, mild headache. 5 days after symptom onset, I feel pretty much back to normal (though I'm not gonna try running again till next week). Of the cases I've heard about on here, it seems like people my age tend to get way sicker than that.


34 Years Old, Reemerging Symptoms

I'm in NY. First fever 3/17, on and off with a huge array of symptoms. Tested positive on 3/27. Symptom-free starting on 4/2 except for headaches and occasional cough. Now [4/6] I have a 100.3 fever, chills, aches, sore throat.


27 Years Old, No Underlying Conditions

Symptoms appeared a week ago – low-grade fever, severe headaches, dry cough, congestion, occasional diarrhea, severe headaches, chest pain, and occasional shortness of breath. Day 9: No fever, however, I can feel the infection in my lymph nodes. My neck is swollen and extremely sore. My entire back aches, especially between my shoulder blades. I am exhausted. My chest pain has increased, and it feels like both sides are alternately being stabbed. I would label this day as the worst so far. I cannot imagine feeling any worse than this. My teeth also hurt.

Day 10: I feel better, in terms of my throat is less sore and feel as if I am coughing less. I feel as if my voice is almost back to normal. However, can still feel the congestion in my chest and nasal passage. The chest pain seems to have let up a bet but is still there. Still have occasional shortness of breath. Severe headaches ongoing. The lymph node pain is still noticeably there, if not worse. I am so exhausted. The fatigue is reminiscent of when I had mononucleosis back when I was a teenager.


44 Years Old, Relapsing Cough

Started with a cough 3/17, fever 3/18-3/20, cough got really bad 3/20-3/23, then started to ease. Saw steady improvement for the next week and was feeling decently better 3/30-4/2. I was finally able to get tested on 3/31 and tested positive.

The cough started to come back yesterday and has gotten a little worse today. I’m worried. I know the crash tends to happen around a week to two weeks, so I should be past that point. I felt like I was on the mend, and now I’m back to feeling sick.


27 Years Old, Excellent Shape

March 12th - 15 - Extreme fatigue, soreness, and cough starting on the 15th.

March 16th - Really bad body aches, the fatigue stepped it up 10x, minor cough.

March 17th - Fever started 100.3, chills, body aches, fatigue.

March 18th - Fever 100.2, chills, body aches, fatigue (Found a loophole and got tested).

March 19th - NO FEVER, body aches worsen, fatigue, but now the worst part tightness in my chest.

March 20th - woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my lower back, shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing a lot more.

March 21st - THE WORST DAY IVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Having trouble breathing, A LOT OF TIGHTNESS IN MY CHEST. Body aches.

March 22nd -Tightness in my chest, trouble breathing, head feeling foggy, lost all sense of smell and taste.

March 23rd - Seemed to be on the mend. Still tightness in my chest, trouble breathing, head feeling very foggy. When I get up too fast, I am dizzy and out of breath.

March 24th - Test results finally came back positive after a long wait. Tightness in my chest still, fatigue, head very foggy, NO SENSE OF SMELL AT ALL. I also developed a weird tickle in my sinuses.


37 Years Old, Nurse

Last Sunday, the 29th, I went to work and started my shift just feeling tired and with back pain: this was nothing new.  As the day wore on my legs ached, my joints were extremely painful, and I felt super sh*tty when I got home. My husband also said he was achy and had a low-grade temp sat night into Sunday. By Sunday evening I called out of work for Monday, had a 99.6 and had a tickle in the back of my throat staring and a dry intermittent cough.

Monday 3/30: felt like I got hit by a truck. Excruciating pain in my joints. So lethargic and uncomfortable. Chills. Sinus pressure/eye pain/headache. Zero appetite. Nausea. Sensitivity to noise. The whole day I barely moved. Just sitting upright for 5 minutes did me in. Drank Gatorade, threw up. No sense of smell or taste.

Tuesday 3/31: felt even worse than Monday. Nausea, low-grade temps, some vomiting, no smell or taste, fatigue, chills. My whole body was causing me severe pain. Terrible neck pain. Couldn’t even walk down the steps without wanting to cry from pain.

Wednesday 4/1: barely made it out of bed, and only to use bathroom. That winded me from going 25 feet, I just laid back down in bed. No smell, no taste, no appetite, [nothing to eat or drink] besides applesauce. Felt miserable. Low-grade temps. Cough and sore throat gone.

Thursday 4/2: much like 4/1. Pained me to sit up. Didn’t eat anything, barely drank.

Today 4/3: slightly more energy. Didn’t immediately need to lay back down after opening my eyes. No taste or smell still, but able to eat some stuff and drink more. Went outside for about an hour and the air felt good.


32 Years Old, Childhood Asthma

All started the 19th, sore throat, runny nose. Didn't think anything of it until I realized how swollen my throat/neck glands were. I've been able to avoid coughing by drinking a lot of lemon water. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but my dad started the same symptoms as me around the same time. My stomach began gurgling and churning around the 21st. Had a bit of a wheeze and was worried asthma was acting up. On the 22nd wheezing was gone, felt good for the day.

23rd: Bad headache in the morning, from the base of my neck, up my head. Diarrhea came into play. Headache went away by 1pm. My throat felt more swollen than sore around 6. Felt queasy after eating dinner. Around 10, got a little harder to breathe, not too bad. Did some breathing exercises and slept. Phlegm changed from green to clear throughout the day.

24th: Woke up with pain on left side, sat up to breathe. Around noon, noted that I had a stuffy nose, breathing easier, greenish phlegm. 9pm hit with nausea, diarrhea, and chills. All symptoms stopped at 10:28. Weirdest thing. Now I'm sitting here typing this out with a dry throat, not looking forward to the next dip on this COVID roller coaster.


37 Years Old, Immunosuppressed

Sunday, I had a dry cough, like hair in the back of my throat. Nothing major until Sunday night sleeping, I got hit with aches and pains in the joints. Monday my temp was 98.6 and it never got higher than 99. Lower abdomen pain. Chills, aches and pains, bulging pain behind my left eye, headache, nausea, dizzy, weak. You name it, everything was happening except shortness of breath and high temp. I don't feel entirely bad today [Wednesday].  

3/23: I went back to the hospital for difficulty in breathing in extreme dizziness. I have been released as of this past Sunday and I am feeling great. On Friday, they had me start dosage of [a medication]. I can honestly say my symptoms from day 2 on the drug vs day 3 were like day/night. Huge difference in how I feel.


Young Adult, Assumed Positive by Doctor

Friday: woke up more tired than normal and with a slight headache.

Saturday: woke up extremely tired despite sleeping 12 hours and still had a slight headache. Ended up taking a 2-3 hour nap after waking up, and even after that was still tired.

Sunday: woke up tired, slight headache, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. By end of Sunday, I would be very winded just walking up a flight of stairs (I can otherwise normally run 6 miles); other symptoms remained constant. I also felt loopy and forgetful.

Monday: same symptoms as Sunday. Attempted to get tested but was denied due to age. Even the simplest things would cause shortness of breath, including getting in and out of bed or making something to eat.

Tuesday: same symptoms as Monday. Had to go to the ER Tuesday night due to extreme difficulty breathing even just lying in bed. I felt very winded despite not even doing anything.

Wednesday: woke up with no headache, no sore throat, a little tired, and difficulty breathing. My mid-Wednesday I noticed an improvement with breathing.


Unknown Age, Covid-19 and Pneumonia

Was completely wiped out with fever for about a week after that. Barely ate, zero appetite. Raging hot sweats, then freezing cold chills. All the symptoms, fairly severe, for about two weeks after first noticing symptoms. Things started improving on Day 15 and now on Day 19 and feeling decent.

I'm still exhausted, need naps during the day, and sleeping about 10 hours a night. Slight cough still and get periodic headaches and other pains. But fever is gone along with other symptoms. I'm generally up and about most of the day for the first time in two weeks. Still ups and downs. I expect I won't be 100% for another week or so.


26 Years Old, Assumptive Positive via Doctor

3/27 - vomited soon after dinner and sweated heavily into the night with a surging fever

3/28-29 - couldn’t eat much and had frequent diarrhea and also very fatigued.

3/03 - felt about 70% was still fatigued and had diarrhea. In the evening experienced another fever and the start of a consistent tightness in my chest. No frequent coughing yet. I woke up every 2 hours breathless and sweating.

3/31 - still had a fever and was bed-bound all day. Still loss of appetite and diarrhea. Chest tightness only when lying down. Quite nauseated but managed to have some rehydration salts and a bit of food in the evening. In the night - more breathing strains and fever was still present.

4/1 - better than day before although still weak. Managing to eat bland foods frequently throughout the day and drinking water. Bedbound again all day but able to move around without much dizziness/breathlessness. Diarrhea has almost subsided.

4/2 - fever has almost gone but chest tightness/pain is there. Feels like someone’s sitting on your chest. Evening was rough - chest felt like it was on fire due to the tightness.

4/3 (today) - not as fatigued as before despite only sleeping 5 hrs yesterday and fever has subsided, but chest tightness is still very much there. Still no persistent cough to report.


41 Years Old, No Sense of Smell

Sunday 3/22: noticed scratchy throat, had headache, aches, slight shortness of breath and mild cough. After 3 days I felt totally fine and shook it off as a regular cold. Was in denial that I could've contracted it, as had been careful about contact, handwashing, distancing, etc.

Saturday 3/28: I lost my sense of taste and smell suddenly. Also had uncomfortably sore legs which I saw mentioned once. Still mostly feeling fine, minor sinus pressure and pinched airway but still no fever, so still unsure but feeling more likely.

Tuesday 3/31: I was able to see my doctor and he sent me to get a test, I thought it was weird because I didn’t ask or want one. Twenty minutes later, I drove to a hospital parking lot and got a swab much further up my nose than I thought was possible.

Thursday 4/2: Results came back positive.


23 Years Old, Mild Symptoms

Monday (3/23) - My throat hurts a bit and I start to have body aches and maybe a fever

Tuesday (3/24) - a total blur of body aches, fever, chills, sore throat. It really feels like a flu.

Wednesday (3/25) - temp is hovering above 98F. I have a wet cough and lingering aches. Solved with Tylenol. Feels like a cold or bronchitis.

Thursday (3/26) - I feel a lot better though I still have a cough. I’m painting, cleaning my room, getting extra work done, but at night my head starts POUNDING.

Friday (3/27) - my headache is so bad, and Tylenol isn't helping. Feel like a sinus headache because I'm beginning to lose my sense of smell and taste. I still have a wet cough. I can barely work from home I just passively listen to the group calls while I lay in bed

Saturday (3/28) to Sunday (3/29) - headache is gone but no sense of smell/taste. Still have a wet cough. My ears hurt and ring, it feels like my head is suspended in sinus fluid.

Monday (3/30) to present (3/31) - no cough, no smell or taste. No appetite.

Overall it felt like a flu. No shortness of breath that I noticed anyway since I spent the whole week in bed.


25 Years Old, Extreme Fatigue

3/23: Hot flashes and fits of sweating, but able to cool relatively quickly and fall right back asleep. very vivid and bizarre dreams. Slept through hours of alarms and immediately feel fatigued and worn out when I got out of bed. Severe body aches prompted me to start taking acetaminophen. No appetite, unable to walk downstairs, so I stay in bed. Wake up extremely hot, sweaty, irritable. Mild sore throat, no appetite all day.

3/24: Sleep through several alarms, still groggy and drowsy when I get out of bed. No temp. One side of my throat still sore. Legs are painfully achy, still way tired. Diarrhea begins. Still no appetite. Started to notice a severe shortness of breath even just moving around. Heart rate way highly when climbing flight of stairs and stays elevated for way longer than it should.

3/25: Slept through the night, morning temp 99°. Get out of bed still exhausted and sore, make it downstairs. Temp 100.4°F. Start to develop more persistent dry cough. Gasping yawns in fits of 8-10 in rapid succession.

3/26: Wake up several times throughout the night with coughing fits, gasping for air. Again, more bizarre and vivid fever dreams. Morning temp 99.5°. Not as tired as past days. Start to notice reduced taste. Reduced fatigue, increased cough. Tightness across chest cough turned productive.

3/27: Morning temp 99°, reduced fatigue but still coughing and out of breath. Cough is no longer productive.

3/28 - 3/30: temp 98°. All symptoms still present, but much milder.