a man struggling from frequent headaches

10 Struggles Only People with Frequent Headaches Will Understand

Whether it’s tension headaches, cluster headaches, or full-blown migraines, if you suffer from frequent headaches you simply play by a different set of rules than everyone else. You know that frequent headaches come with the following 10 struggles that will never be understood by "outsiders."

  1. When people accuse you of being “dramatic.”
    Do people think you really WANT to spend an entire Friday night in complete darkness curled into the fetal position underneath the covers?  
  2. When you develop an incredibly high threshold for pain.
    When your head feels like it’s literally going to explode into a thousand pieces every other day, somehow stubbing your toe doesn’t feel like the end of the world anymore. This superhuman pain tolerance might sound impressive, but anyone would give it up in a second to be a headache-less human.
  3. When you can’t enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures, like going to the movies.
    It never fails. Right when the movie is starting to get good, and you start to feel confident that maybe you’ll escape in one piece this time...BAM. Dark theater, bright screen, deafeningly loud; it’s a recipe for disaster, really.
  4. When you realize that your absolute FAVORITE food or drink is a trigger.
    Goodbye beautiful, wonderful, amazing Starbucks white chocolate mocha. Of course, the one thing that makes you feel better only makes you feel worse. The struggle is real!
  5. When your “miracle drugs” aren’t performing miracles.
    What’s the point in paying exorbitant amounts of money for something that literally is no help whatsoever!?
  6. When people say they “understand.”
    Oh, you had a sinus headache last week? Yeah, I’m sure that’s COMPLETELY comparable to the inescapable pain I’m experiencing right now. For the fourth day in a row. It makes me feel so much better that someone “gets it."
  7. When you literally have no words to describe how you feel.
    It’s bad enough being in so much pain that you want to jump off a cliff. But when you can’t even express said pain to anyone, it only makes you feel more secluded and alone.
  8. When someone says, “Oh, just drink some water, that always works for me.
    Thanks so much for offering me such insightful advice that I definitely never would have thought about on my own. See also: “Did you try taking some Ibuprofen?” 
  9. When certain people just ... exist.
    There are some people who can hardly be tolerated when you feel normal, so in Head-Explosion-ville, I am DEFINITELY not in the mood. Please stop talking. 
  10. When your doctor "doesn’t know what’s wrong."
    This is maybe the worst of all. “I swear the pain is real. I swear I’m not crazy. Stop looking at me like I’m crazy and figure out what’s wrong with me!”
Last Updated: October 15, 2020