10 Most Unbelievable Brain Disorders

The brain is a fascinating thing—it's the origin of all consciousness, and it allows us to explore and understand the world. However, when things go wrong upstairs, it can leave folks with crippling and sometimes bizarre problems. This slideshow looks at 10 of the weirdest ways the brain can go wrong. 

Now, there's nothing wonderful about brain damage of any kind, but these conditions highlight what a complex, mysterious, and delicate organ the brain is. And they also point out how many diverse ways it's possible for this organ to malfunction. From forgetting faces all the way to forgetting yourself, these brain disorders are some of the most peculiar illnesses you'll ever encounter. Thankfully, most of these are incredibly rare—which just makes them all the more interesting. In fact, some of these conditions are so unheard of that most of what we know about them comes from only a handful of cases in recorded history. And they're so unusual that without this documentation, you'd be hard-pressed to believe they ever happen at all! 

From speaking nonsense to forgetting who you are, we look at 10 of the most unbelievable brain disorders. If you're ready to probe the unexplored depths of the human brain, click "Let's Begin" and get started! 

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