10 Foods That Fight Deep Vein Thrombosis


Kiwi & Berries


It’s important to get plenty of fruit mixed into your diet if you want to keep deep vein thrombosis at bay. And while there are lots of fruits that are good for healthy clotting, kiwi seems to be especially beneficial if you’re susceptible to DVT. Kiwis actually lower clot risks by reducing the amount of platelet activity in the blood, which means clotting won’t occur as easily. As an extra bonus, kiwis are great for lowering cholesterol and have tons of vitamin C. Both of these things make them even more beneficial for normal blood clotting. Keeping things like cholesterol levels in check makes for a healthier cardiovascular system overall, and vitamin C has been found beneficial in controlling DVT-related clots. 



Berries, of all varieties, are another great option for fighting deep vein thrombosis. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries are particularly known for their high salicylate content—which we've already seen helps prevent excessive clotting. 

Vitamin C in particular is a necessity to the human body, and some types of berries tend to be very high in this nutrient. However, the relationship between blood clots and vitamin C is a bit complicated. Some studies have found that a deficiency of vitamin C can cause clotting issues, but other studies have shown that too much vitamin C can also cause blood clots to form. In any case, it’s good for the walls of the blood vessels, and if you’re concerned about heart health beyond DVT, getting plenty of vitamin C may be something to think about. 

Did you know...

  • Are you currently or often tired? As contradictory as it may sound, one of the best things you can do is exercise! It gives you more energy by improving your blood flow and increasing your oxygen throughout your body. You don't need to do much; a brisk walk is all it takes!
  • There are many factors that contribute to your body odor, but one of the strongest links is our diet. This may be some bad news for meat-lovers because many studies have shown that those who refrained from or ate less red meat were judged as being more pleasant smelling. The meat sweats are real, and they don’t smell great!
  • A hearty laugh is good for the heart. Laughing can increase blood flow by 20%. Additionally, looking on the bright side can help you live longer. Studies have shown that a more optimistic outlook is linked to a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk for coronary artery disease.
  • Do you know what the strongest muscle in your body is? No, it’s not your biceps or your thighs. It’s actually in your head. The masseter is a muscle in the jaw that is used when chewing. When all of the muscles of the jaw work together, they can exert a force as strong as 200 pounds on the molars. That’s some serious pressure.
  • Have you ever told your husband something and he promptly forgets it? It's not his fault, actually. It really is because he's a man. The hippocampus (the part of the brain that deals with memory) begins to shrink with age faster in men than it does in women. That's why you can remember everything, and he can't!