30 Best Foods to Eat for Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Currently, over 30 million Americans suffer from either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Another 84 million have what’s called prediabetes, meaning that, without treatment or preventative measures, they will develop type 2 diabetes within the next five years. So, while it’s a good idea for all of us to ensure we aren’t going overboard with simple carbs or sugar, those living with diabetes must take it very seriously.

According to the American Heart Association, the risk of death from life-threatening strokes or heart disease for diabetics is two to four times greater than someone without the condition. If the condition isn’t managed properly, not only can these odds increase, but the odds of complications from other diabetes-related health issues, like nerve damage or kidney disease, can increase as well.

That’s why it’s so important for diabetics to not only avoid overeating, but to be aware of which foods are best for their conditions. But, by staying mindful and following advice from a physician, many diabetics can live largely unaffected by the side-effects of the disorder. So, if you or someone you know is a diabetic looking for food options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 30 of the absolute best foods for diabetics to make a part of their diet.

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