30 Easy Ways to Keep Stress Down

Life is stressful. You wake up with a thousand things already on your to-do list, but it feels like that list doubles before you can even make a dent. It’s always growing and growing. The end is never in sight. Sadly, this is normal for most people today. We’ve taken so much onto our plates that we can barely juggle it all, and our stress levels have shot through the roof. It’s almost weird to have a stress-free day, a relaxing day without a mountain of things to do or worry about.

But why can’t that be normal for us? It’s not bad to live stress-free. It’s actually really good for our health, both mentally and physically. Your blood pressure will drop, you’ll age less quickly, and have a decreased risk of dangerous diseases like Heart Disease and Alzheimer's. All of that sits on top of the overall mental freedom that comes when you aren’t stressed.

While you can’t control life and all of the stressful scenarios it throws at you, you can learn to manage your reaction to those curveballs. Find out what triggers that stress and watch out for it. Look at this list of things you can do to lower your stress levels, and then try to incorporate them into your daily routine, especially when you know you’re stressed.