15 Minor Injuries That Would Have Killed You 200 Years Ago

Medical science has come a long way in the last 20 years, nevermind 200! Although some of these minor wounds can still wreak serious havoc on your body, given the right circumstances and wrong care, you’re not likely to die from a paper cut.  All the major and minor diseases aside, there were a lot more reasons to worry about death two centuries ago. Here’s a look at 15 minor injuries that would have spelled a death sentence for folks 200 years ago.  

You got bitten by a snake.

While you can still die from a snake bite if you aren’t close enough to an emergency facility (or someone with an antidote) and the snake is dangerous enough,most types of snake bites were certain death sentences 200 years ago. Luckily, herpetologists have spent the two centuries since then learning as much as they can about snakes, their venom, and how to counteract it. 

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