15 Minor Injuries That Would Have Killed You 200 Years Ago

Medical science has come a long way in the last 20 years, nevermind 200. Although some of these minor wounds can still kill you given the right circumstances and wrong care, you’re not likely to die from a paper cut.  All the major and minor diseases aside, there were a lot more reasons to worry about death two centuries ago. Here’s a look at 15 minor injuries that could have killed you 200 years ago. 

1 of 15 You stepped on a rusty nail.

While tetanus doesn’t spread between people, it is a very serious and fatal bacterial infection that causes horrible muscle cramps, stiffness, and even seizures. There is no cure and there are a lot of serious complications. The bacteria hides out in dirt and animal feces, entering through an open wound. Running around barefoot on the farm stepping on the nails you used to put the sheep pen together is a sure fire way to die a horrible, tetanus-riddled death. 

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