15 Athletes Who Are Over 50 and Still Going Strong

Doctors say that exercising can increase your life expectancy. We all know that it can improve your health, so it makes sense. It can be hard to schedule in half an hour to an hour of exercise every day, but it’s definitely beneficial. For example, there are tons of athletes that have beat the average life expectancy. While some have decided to shy away from the spotlight, some have decided to take their career in stride and run with their almost-celeb status.

In fact, some athletes refuse to stop being competitive. Some of them are still performing amazing feats of strength well into their 70s while the rest of us hate carrying a gallon of milk because it’s a little on the heavy side. Heck, Jack Lalanne made a lifetime of being a fitness guru and athlete and he was active right up until his death when he was almost 100 (he passed at 97). We found 15 other athletes that aren’t letting their age get in the way, either. These fitness buffs and athletes are pushing to a whole new level of “going strong.”  

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