10 Risky Yoga Poses Beginners Should Avoid

One of the draws of yoga is the excitement of being able to twist yourself into new and exciting contortionist-like positions., but some poses can actually do more harm than good. If flexibility isn’t something you’re born with, you should know that the poses that look the most thrilling are usually the most dangerous. Here are 10 yoga poses that beginners are better off avoiding. 

1 of 10 Crane Pose (Bakasana)

The crane pose looks amazing, but it isn't a pose that beginners should do or even try. In crane pose, you put all your weight onto your arms, palms flat on the floor, and then rest your knees on your elbows while looking straight ahead. Crane pose requires serious balance and strength in your arms, core, and legs. As many who have tried it can attest, you’re going to fall over repeatedly before you get it right. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the needed strength to keep yourself elevated, you can fall onto your arms, sprain a wrist, or overbalance, topple forward, and smash your face. It's also possible to sprain your neck, which is a precaution most yogis will mention. All that pain does the opposite of relaxing you and could put your yoga classes on hold for a bit! 

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