10 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs

There are some home remedies, such as applying cornstarch to a bee sting or taking ginger for nausea, that are perfectly safe and effective. However, there are plenty of other do-it-yourself health tips and tricks that definitely should not be attempted at home. 

Ear Candling

This practice involves taking a candle-shaped beeswax cone, placing it in the ear, and lighting it. After the wick burns down, you remove the cone, which also removes ear wax and other impurities from your ear. However, lighting a flame that close to your ear can be very dangerous and even cause you to lose your hearing in some cases.

Additionally, earwax is a very beneficial substance for the health of your ear—it is a natural lubricant, it waterproofs your ear, and it helps prevent infections. If you have a buildup of earwax that causes itching and impaired hearing, before you put anything in your ear, talk with your doctor first about the safest way to remove excess earwax. 

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